Landscape Design
Get Started

01. Let’s Talk

Call to discuss your landscape situation and schedule a 30 minute on-site meeting.

Initial meeting

02. Walk-thru

  • Walk your property.
  • Express your objectives and describe your lifestyle.
  • Establish an initial budget for the project.
  • Provide a contract and bid that articulates the scope of the project and quotes a fee for the design.
The plan

03. Concept Meeting

  • Meet for about an hour. 
  • Discuss multiple design ideas and plant choices.
  • Give you an opportunity to express your preferences in the final plan.
Wrap Up

04. Final Plan

  • Scaled freehand drawing of your site in color.
  • Two black and white copies of the drawing.
  • Plant key.     
  • Pictures of plants used within the plan.
  • Photographs of the site.
  • General plant and care suggestions.
  • Quantities of mulch, rock, edging, and compost needed for the plan.
  • Installation recommendations.

Landscape Design Drawings



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